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"A woman's radiance lies in her ability to celebrate her femininity, casting a luminous glow that captivates hearts and inspires the world."


My Story

Hi, my name is Bhavani.

To give you a little insight about me: I have been a total tomboy leading up to my teenage years. I have been competing with men and women constantly, trying to prove myself. I had no healthy role models nor an understanding of the concept of masculinity & femininity.

Being totally lost in trying to figure out who I was and how to make sense of all the endless nuances of femininity within me, even more in learning how to integrate them into my life. There was this deep softness, vulnerability and sweetness within me, ready to be nourished and expressed, but I didn’t have proper guidance yet.

At the same time, I was fascinated by the secrets of the unknown from a young age.  Contemplating the deeper meaning of life and pursuing the mysteries of the forest, stars, and sky. Spending most of my days in nature, I felt a calling towards a way of life that was very different from the usual.

All these tests of my youth and my longing to live a meaningful life led me to the path of Tantra at the young age of 16. Slowly, I learned to embrace my feminine nature, love my body more and connect to my sexuality, which was in need of nourishment and healing. A big part was also about learning to embrace other women in my life in a loving, caring and supportive way.

Meeting further Teachers and gurus in 2011 was a huge turning point in my life. I transformed quickly and felt exhilarated, by the profound teachings and tradition of Tantra Yoga, which I am studying and practicing for more than 12 years daily.

Since 2011 I have been teaching the Tantric path to Man & Women from all around the world.

I have guided hundreds of Students in Thailand and Austria to prioritize their search for a deeply fulfilled and spiritual Life. I teach how to make self-awareness, connection and self-love one's second nature, to help woman drop into the feminine body, empower one’s sexuality and sensuality.

I have dedicated my life to teaching spirituality from the heart and helping to serve others, so they may evolve on this path.

I am also teaching Hatha-, Kundalini-, and Bhakti yoga and leading meditations daily.

Additionally, I am a dedicated and loving mother to a wonderful child, who gets raised gracefully with love, in a spiritual community. 


You would like to connect and know more about the Workshops, write me.

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