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Tantric Delights
The Art of intimate Connection



"Through sexual Tantra, we discover that our bodies are sacred temples, and every touch and embrace is an opportunity for profound connection and spiritual growth."

Hear Connection, Intimacy, Opening the Heart

‘A 4-day immersion Tantra retreat seeking to deepen sexual intimacy, erotic fulfillment, joy and a deeper connection to the Divine.’

Dive into the depths of traditional Tantric knowledge and immerse yourself in the sacredness of tantric exercises and rituals, embracing their transformative power.

This retreat invites you to explore the mysteries of sacred sexuality, eroticism, intimacy and divine love.

Transform your sexual life into a liberating lovemaking experience. Discover the magic of creating a truly fulfilling and sacred relationship to sexuality.

A retreat for couples and singles to rekindle sexual desire, deepen intimate connection, and embrace the true spiritual essence.

Unveil the secrets of your sexual desires and fantasies, mastering the art of harmoniously expressing them to satisfy your deepest longings.

Tantra cultivates pure love and divine connection, enriching our lives with deep intimacy and transcendent bliss.

Do you want to become more loving, confident, sensual, playful and full of blissful passion? If so, this workshop will be perfect for you.

No nudity and sexual activity at the retreat.

"Love is the essence of all spiritual teachings, for it is through love that we can truly connect with the divine."

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This retreat is for you, if you would like to learn...

  • how to transform your Sexuality into a spiritual practice

  • using your sexual power for a greater purpose

  • ways to increase your sexual desire

  • how to express and live out your sexual fantasies

  • discover your sexual style and strength

  • how to recognize your sexual preferences and get them fulfilled

  • the art of transfiguration (seeing divinity in everything)

  • transforming foreplay into an act of magic & raising your level of consciousness 

  • discover your deepest sexual desires and learn how to express them


Tantric Delights

If you want to make love in a way in which every move is felt as the dance of the Infinite, every moan is a prayer, & the unleashed orgasmic pleasure is awakening your Soul into ecstasy, then Tantra is for you.

How you will benefit

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  • develop tremendous confidence in matters of sex and intimacy

  • bring depth and purpose to your sexual Life

  • discover abundant pleasure and orgasms

  • bring juiciness into your being and thus to your sex life

  • gain in-depth self-awareness of your sexuality according to the yogic system

  • get to know your desires and learn how to explore them

  • deepen communication, intimacy and selflove

  • channel sexual energy into an experience of pure love

  • transform your love making into a sacred experience

Location and how to get there

This retreat will take place at a hidden gem called Winklergut, a luxurious remote retreat center in Upper Austria close to Rohrbach.

During your stay, you are surrounded by lush nature, natural ponds, waterfalls and the magic of the forest. A remote, quiet and luxurious farm, just a 35- minute drive north of Linz, is located in the middle of the woods.


This magical retreat center offers access to indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna and a magnificent garden. This private land is the perfect environment to retreat from the world and connect deeply to yourself

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By Car:

From Vienna:  a 2 hour 50 min drive

From Salzburg: a 2 hour drive

From Linz: just a short 35- minutes’ drive north of linz


4171 Auberg


By public Transportation:

  • Take the train to Linz Hauptbahnhof

  • From the Trainstation Linz Hauptbahnhof,  take the bus to Sankt Peter am Wimberg

  • Busline 251 or 250 

  • From the Busstation Sankt Peter am Wimberg, someone will pick you up (only 5 min.)




2-4 pm Arrival at Winklergut
4:30 pm Intro Farm/ Intro to the Workshop, Set Intensions/ Dinner


8-9 am Selfservice at the breakfast bar
9 - 11 am Introduction to Tantra , Icebreaker & Practice
11:30 - 12:30 Brunch + 10 - 30 min Karma Yoga. 
12:30 - 2:30 pm Break
2:30 - 5:30 pm Sexuality on the Chakras , Juicy Meditaitons & Practice
6 pm Dinner


8-9 am Selfservice at the breakfast bar

9 - 11 am Sexual Communication, Hatha Yoga & Exerices

11:30 - 12:30 Brunch + 10 - 30 min Karma Yoga. 
12:30 - 2:30 pm Break

2:30 - 5:30 pm Enhance your Sex life & Exercises

6 pm Dinner Sauna/ Fire


8-9 am Selfservice at the breakfast bar

9 - 11 am Maithuna Massage & Hatha Yoga

11:30 - 12:30 Brunch + 10 - 30 min Karma Yoga. 
12:30 - 2:30 pm Break
2:30 - 5:30 pm Transfigeration/ Nature of True Love & Ritual
6 pm Dinner


10 Brunch
11:30 -1:30 Final Ritual & Sharing

1:30 pm Lunch

2:30/3 pm Departure

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Delicious and Nourishing Meals at the Retreat

The Retreat Center loves using organic and local grown goodies, to prepare the healthiest dishes for you. They will spoil you with home cooked organic vegetarian meals a day.

We believe that a well-balanced and healthy diet will not only keep your body, mind and soul happy and fulfilled, but also help you appreciate to the gifts of nature. Especially as a woman, connecting deeply to Mother Earth and her glorious offerings will make you deeply grateful for the nature of Shakti.

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My name is Bhavani

I have guided hundreds of Man & Woman from all around world.

Helping them to deeply connect to the Spiritual Path, through the power of living a truly liberated sexual Life. 

Through the ancient wisdom of Tantra, I guide my students to unlock the secrets of pleasure, access states of sublime orgasmic bliss, to living a sacred journey of profound love, spiritual evolution, and ultimate fulfillment.

Experiencing Love, Joy, Bliss, Pleasure as gifts from God and using them as Gateways to Self- Realization.


Through the practices of Tantra, you unlock the secrets of your own pleasure, access states of sublime orgasmic bliss, and live a sacred journey of profound love, spiritual evolution, and ultimate fulfillment.

Contact us for More Information about the Retreat



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Carla, from Argentina

Bhavani is a sweet, loving and caring teacher. She was able to guide me, gently and with fun, on how to develop my sexuality and sensuality.
A mixture between kindness and assertiveness, between flowing and verticality that help me to become a more confident, elegant and sexy woman.
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Miguel, from Brazil

Bhavani is a great teacher with a very rare knowledge about traditional Tantra yoga and the sexuality in tantra. She always brings her perspectives with kindness and love and full of devotion for God. All her knowledge is founded on years of practice. It is a rare opportunity to learn Tantra with an excellent teacher. "
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Julia, from Germany

I did several Tantra workshops with Bhavani this year and was amazed! The knowledge she passes on is so profound and comprehensive I could never have imagined. I have already had experiences with Neo Tantra workshops, but there is no comparison!! She is a very experienced Teacher, speaks from years and years of personal experience and lead the workshops with incredible love, compassion and patience. I recommend this workshop very much to anyone who is interested in real ancient Tantra and self-development.
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